Tips on Ceramics and Pottery


Choosing a Pattern for Plates

When it comes to setting a beautiful table, each person has their own thoughts of what will be the best design for their china. Some people believe small pops of color are the perfect way to enhance their meals, but others would prefer a bold geometric design in black and white. No matter what their choice, they should be pleased and proud with the tableau they have created for their friends and family at the dinner table.

It is important to realize that food will be served on the dishes, so it might be best to restrict the design to the outer edges. This keeps the pattern from being lost once the food is on the plates, and it can be important for those who want their distinctive designs visible at all times. For those who believe it should be an adventure to uncover their motif, placing their design in the middle of the plate is a natural way to enhance the eating experience.

Colors are a good way to add interest to any item, so those who want to ensure their design is noticed will often use bright colors in their patterns. They might choose a picture that can be repeated around the rim of the plates, or they could select a pleasing geometric design that encourages them to play with a variety of colors to tempt the palate before the food is on the plate. Some patterns are quite complex, so only a few small areas might need to be colorful to make a huge impression.

Geometric designs have come back into favor recently, but they do not necessarily need color to enhance them. Black and white art has always been a favor of those who see it as a way to achieve depth and interest while giving them clean lines without the distraction of bold colors.