Tips on Ceramics and Pottery


Creating a Focal Point

Modern designers have declared that neutral colors are in, and that leaves only splashes of color through any room to add interest. It might seem like a good plan, but finding the right pieces can be difficult. They should have a bright finish for creating a focal point, but they need to avoid being too large or bright to keep from overshadowing the rest of the room. They are a place to rest the eye, and their job is to lead a person on into the room with a sense of comfort.

It would seem there might be no objects capable of all the jobs expected of a focal point for a room, but it can be done with the right material. Solid is not necessary, but it does suggest longevity of the object. Easy to clean is important because it should last until the next remodeling, so being able to quickly dust or wash it is a plus.

Drawing a person’s eye in a neutral setting is usually easy, and a bright object should work well. For those who love to decorate with pillows in the den, one or two should be the perfect touch. Some people prefer ceramics such as vases or large bowls for their décor, and the color should be crisp. It matters little what color is chosen, but it should fit the personality of the room and those who inhabit it.

It can be a unique challenge today to find just the right objects for each room of the home when considering a focal point, but looking through small shops and resale stores could be a good way to enjoy the hunt. Finding that perfect treasure could be in the little shop down the street, or it could lead a shopper to an artist willing to take on a new commission.