Tips on Ceramics and Pottery


Finding the Right China

Many people have a wish to dine on plates that are special, and they believe a good set of china would enhance their eating experience from ho-hum and elevate it into an elegant experience. They are not wrong, and it can be a good investment for their future entertaining if they choose well. Some of them may not be able to find exactly what they want for a pattern, so finding the right china set without decoration could be the best way for them to get started. They can design their own pattern to be placed on decals, or they can find a local artisan to help them come up with the pattern they desire.

China refers often to nothing more than ceramic dishes, and it covers a wide range of items. Those looking for a fine china set should take the time to delve deeper into the subject before making a purchase. They will need to know how thick or thin the pieces should be, and knowing the grade of translucence is an important factor when choosing plates, cups, and serving platters.

The thickness or thinness of china pieces is often a good measure of a set of china, and it can help define the elegance a couple is seeking. Thick ceramics tend to look bulky, so selecting a set that is thin without looking worn when it is new would be their best bet when shopping. They should be able to hold a cup or plate without fear of it breaking because ceramics are a hard material that should stand up to wear as long as it is not dropped or jostled against hard surfaces.

Translucence is what sets china apart from many other grades of ceramics, and it is an important factor when searching for a set of fine china. Holding a cup up to a light source should produce a glowing effect on the surface. Moving the fingers slowly over the outside of the cup should change the quality of the light, and this is a good measure of how fine a piece is in terms of quality. If the light and shadow have no effect, it is an opaque piece that will not quite measure up to what they are seeking.