Tips on Ceramics and Pottery


How to Apply Decals


Ceramic decals are printed patterns that are created to be transferred to another object. The transfer is completed by apply either heat or water to the decal and the desired object. Ceramic transfers are an excellent way for individuals to decorated their vehicles, ceramic coffee mugs, guitars or any other object that needs a small design to bring it to life. These decals are also a great way for companies to promote their business's by adding a decal with their logo on it to items such as bumper stickers, coffee mugs, glasses, ceramic dishes and even wall stickers.

Heat Transfers

When using heat transfer for a ceramic decal you must use high temperatures to make sure the decal sticks properly to the object. Basically the higher the temperature you use will cause the most fusion between the decal and the ceramic object. So before trying to rush your project, be sure that you are using the highest temperature possible to make sure your decal will forever stay in place. If not, you risk the decal falling off in the dishware or after multiple uses.

Water Transfers and Peel and Sticks

The two easiest methods too applying ceramic decals are water transfers and the peel and stick. With the water transfer all that needs to be done is wetting the decal itself before placing it on the desired object. After letting it set for just a brief moment, you then simply peel off the decal and view your masterpiece. On an even easier note, the peel and stick just needs to be peeled off from the base and stuck onto your object. Nothing more, nothing less.