Tips on Ceramics and Pottery

Tips to Applying Glass Decals


Decals are not only perfect for ceramic mugs and Houseware, but they are also ideal for your vehicle windows. Although common sense plays the biggest role in applying glass decals, it is always helpful to be aware of any tips on the application process as using glass transfers can be tricky the frist time round. Below you will find five tips for applying decals to any and all types of glass surfaces.

1. Start small. For anyone's first time applying a decal to glass, they should always start off with the smallest piece to practice with before applying the bigger parts.

2. Clean. Clean the glass surface with water and a splash of vinegar. This will eliminate the dirt and grime that could potentially stop the decal from sticking to the glass properly.

3. Air Bubbles. As we all know, air bubbles can completely ruin the perfect decal. Especially when being placed on a glass surface. While you are applying the decal, be sure to use your scraper during the application. Start at one corner and slowly press down and slide with the scraper. This will help push out any bubbles from underneath the decal.

4. Avoid peeling off the decal. When applying your decal to a glass surface, be sure to apply it perfectly the first try. By peeling off the decal numerous times and re-applying it, you will cause the decal to thin and stretch out. Thus, completely ruining the decal.

5. What's on the Other Side? While applying your glass decal, be sure to always look at the decal from the opposite side of the glass. This will help you easily spot out any air bubbles that need to be eliminated.